How to Reduce Face Fat for Men (exercise for beautiful face shape).

Hello Guys, today we discussed how to reduce face fat, mainly this generation’s youngster wants to show JAWLINE’s and impress girls 😉 True? So, guys today I will share some tips regarding same.

We are concerned about how to get rid of face fat and the fat around the neck. Well, I can help you with that. I believe associated with some official exercises that can help you lose toughies face fat. But let’s first understand that for most people fat acts like the leaders of a Kingdom. It does not disappear from a place but gums up nearby However for some people getting tensed and just start chewing gum but this is not it, only chewing guy does not help to get rid to face fat You need to reduce whole body fat first let’s get into this in a simple way you  have to start diet first your tummy will start reducing the fat then your face fat would be the last place to disappeared the fat. So, my most important advice to you is that lose over whole body fat once you start reducing fat from your body then your body automatically find a way to reduce face fat. All you need to do is eat the right food in the right quantity.

Here are some tips you must follow if you’re serious about Fat loss, I would suggest you cut down on salt intake salt hold your stubborn fat for that you have to Avoid junk food. Junk food does not mean only Pizza’s and burger even the food that you eat in your favorite Dhaba had enough sodium to turn your face into a puffy mess.  At home, you can use a minimum amount of salt, but you can switch to black salt because they have better than them. Always stay hydrated staying hydrated will definitely help to reduce face fat. Water and heat engine your body the day’s water as a defense mechanism when you are not regularly drinking in full effect. This leads to bloating in the face and other parts.

Alcohol: What does alcohol do to you. It dehydrates the body. Hence water attention so avoids it

Let’s talk about some specific exercises that will help boost the facial muscles. But please remember these exercises will help you only if the already discussed points are followed. This is why I am stressing you to follow the diet or the tips that I discussed above. So let’s start talking about exercises, Exercises hardly take any time so you can easily find time for this facial exercise.

So you just have to sit in one place and roar like a lion. I know its kinda funny but trust me it works.

roar like a lion

Second facial exercise is Hippo’s Jaw. You have to open your mouth for 15 second

hippo jaws

 X – O  20 times you are pleased to pronounce the alphabet X O for repeatedly


Fish face 10 times

fish face

Chin lift tongue out 10 times

chin lift

Face Puffs 10 times fill one of your cheeks with air hold for 5 seconds. Now transfer the air to another cheek repeatedly 10 times

cheek puff

Massage:  massage your face regularly for a bit of circulation Just make sure the hand movements are upwards.

massage face

Smile This is the most soul-satisfying exercise you can ever do.



.That’s all for this. I hope you found it helpful. Thank you for taking the time and reading my article😊

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