How to overcome your stress and negative thinking with in an hour


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There are many factors that cause stress, it can be due to tension, due to fear due to over thinking and many such things Suffering from stress does not only affect your psychological health, but also long-term stress leads to anxiety, depression, the sleeping disorder which affects your physical health.

Here are a few steps that will help you to overcome stress. So, let’s begin how to how to overcome your stress and negative thinking within an hour


1) Stop overthinking 

Overthinking is one of the key factors to Stress. Thinking is good but when you start thinking about situations a lot when you yourself imagine the consequences that will happen in future and get worried is overthinking. You should completely avoid this.  The best way is to keep yourself engaged in doing things you like the most.


2) Talk about it 

You should have at least one person in your life with whom you can share everything.  That person can be anyone your parents your best friend your sibling your partner. Trust me talking to them would reduce half of your stress, and if you don’t want to talk about it and want to handle it by own self you can write it down on a piece of paper and if you want nobody to know about it you could simply tear it or flush it and it really works.


3) Self-pampering 

You might be stressed and have a busy schedule first you need to manage your time and set priorities one of the priority should be yourself.  Make space for yourself each day reserve your weekends for doing things to make yourself happy, relaxed, Fresh. For this you can take yourself for shopping buy new clothes, buy yourself food, going to new places, reading novels if you love reading, drawing, singing, dancing etc. all those small things you like. Doing things that makes you happy that makes you who really you are will reduce stress.


4) Hangout 

Hanging out with close ones going on adventures, trip, or even lunch or dinner will make you feel fresh and good. Recalling all old memories, jokes, when you meet your friends is the best way to keep yourself happy. It doesn’t matter what your age is just don’t let your inner child die, the day it dies you become lifeless which is again danger sign.


5) Appreciation 

While you are smiling just stand in front of a mirror and observe how beautiful the smile is never ever let that smile vanish away.  Doesn’t matter how worst the situation is appreciated yourself have faith in yourself don’t let yourself down and don’t put others down. Appreciate work of others their efforts your small appreciation can stop someone from going into stress.


6) Music 

Music, songs are the answers to almost all problems.  Music heals when you are sad, music heals when you are stressed, and you don’t even have to put extra efforts for that.  You can listen to it while sitting on a bus or train make your favorite playlist. Set your body free and let it move by itself by the music.  You could have rap song, trance, classic or whatever you like just to make sure you don’t have sad songs in your list.



If you are stressed due to fear of something confront it, if you are stressed due to something went wrong by your side confess it, if you are stressed because you lied apologies for it rather than over thinking about it and going into stress.


8 Get More Sleep

If you feel high stress or things that are not in your control just try to stop thinking about that things have a tight long hour sleep hug your pillow or your mom its feel you relax, and this is how you can handle stress

surrounded yourself with beautiful people

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