How to grow a beard faster within months – Tips & Tricks to grow your Beard Fast.

First, I would like to tell you it is a completely logical question and also it depends on your genes.

 Shaving helps to grow a beard fast?

I know all you guys heard that just start shaving beard will grow. But its the biggest myth you have ever heard of.
so don’t believe it.
if you really want to grow it doesn’t shave. Just let it grow.

Do you really think taking a steroid or natural supplements would help?

Side effects are more than it would help you.
If you want to take it just stop reading and close this page. Steroids have never helped anybody without its
side effects so just stop thinking about steroids or any supplements these things won’t help you these things just waste your money

Make sure to eat food that contains Vitamin B and E.

Vitamin B Foods: Eat Chicken, Fish, Bread, Eggs, and Soybeans

Vitamin E Foods: Almonds, Hazelnuts, Sunflower seeds etc.

So what works to grow the beard fast?

Don’t stress out, do exercise, eat healthily and be patience. But the most important point is to use oils for beard care

Which oils to apply?

Apply Ambla oil. It nourishes your beard and definitely helps you to grow the beard fast.
but the best oils are jojoba and argon, if you use these oils then you don’t need any other oil.

bread boy ouc
pic when I start using  oil  in September 2017
April 2018

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