What to wear for a Party in Rainy season

You can’t follow the same lifestyle that you uses in summer so here I share you some tips regarding what to wear at a party in the rainy season in India.


Quick dry fabric not denim: – In rainy season say bye bye to your denim or thick clothes make sure to wear that clothes that have the ability to dry fast.


Dark color clothes instead of white color: – Wear Dark clothes like Black, Dark blue or Brown in the rainy season, if somehow your clothes-soaked Mud or rain so dark clothes don’t give a more bad impression as compared to white light clothes.


Wear Boot instead of shoes: – Yes, I agree boots are not fancy that you can wear in an indoor party, but there is nothing worse than going around and your stylish shoes-soaked mud so it’s better to keep one pair of shoes along with yourself to change after you are indoors.


Wear Hat: – There’s nothing worse than your face getting wet and the salty water dripping down into your eyes Wearing a hat will keep water out of your face when running.


Bring extra clothes: – OR it’s better to get ready in a hotel room, pack an extra set of clothes to change into a hotel room just make sure it stays dry.


Keep waterproof Bag: – This waterproof bag will help in many ways like you can place your extra clothes or shoes or as well as you can protect your branded watches and mobile phones.

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