How to go on a First Date/ Impress her on a First Date for Boys

Are you concern about your first Date? So, you are at right place here I share you my personal experience as well as a few tips regarding the First date. First Date is a day where you want to impress her, for that impression you need to be Look good.


  • Wear Outfit of her Favorite Color, not yours. OR Wear those color that suits you rather than your favorite color.


  • Avoid Overdressing as well as Avoid Underdressing (If you are going for a Dinner wear Casual cloth, IF you are going to a movie or an ice cream then wear Semi-formal clothes)


  • Smell Good (To get her close, you must have to smell nice for that Use Perfumes.


  • Fix your Hairs (Give your Hair a Perfect look so that you do not have to set hair hairs in front of her for that Use Gel, Hair Dryer or a Hair Holding Spray).


  • Cut your Nails. (you must be hygienic on your Date if there is moment comes when you both are holding hands its looks good)


  • Well Groomed (Shave your face, if needed cut your Hairs too from a Barber)


*Your time and effort in your looks is the one key that will impress her*

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